Tamil Script Code for Information Interchange

Tech. Specification Documents for the
Formal Registration of TSCII Bilingual Encoding with IETF/IANA
(draft version 8.1: 15 Jan 2007)

No File Description
1 tscii_prop81.doc MS Word Document.  PC should be installed with a Tamil Unicode font to see Tamil glyphs.  In Mac OS X, open the file with Neo Office.
2 tscii_prop81.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document.  fonts embedded.
No need for fonts to be installed in the PC
3 tscii_prop81.rtf Rich Text Format.  Can be used as the source to convert to any other format.  Can also be opened in Mac OS X (Text Edit) or Windows (WordPad)
4 tscii_prop8.html You all know this format!
5 tscii_codechart.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document.
TSCII Code Chart