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TSCII - The Tamil Encoding Standard



TSCII stands for Tamil Standard Code for Information Interchange. It is a character encoding standard for Tamil on computers. Read the draft proposal released in December 1997, for a detailed discussion. The current draft is labelled, TSCII 1.7.


The following are the different versions of the character sets drafted at various stages of discussion. A discussion on the rationale behind each of these drafts will follow soon.

* Version 1.1
First version.
* Version 1.2
Second version. Old tamil characters were removed. Tamil numerals added
* Version 1.3
Third version. Copyright and registration symbols were added.
* Version 1.4
Fourth version. This was later released to the internet public for cemments as TSCII draft.
* Version 1.5
Fifth version. Few characters were repositioned to get maximum possible compatibility between different operating systems and softwares.
* Version 1.5.2
Some more repositioning in the 128-159 range. The tamil numerals were moved to hot-slots, those which are not accessible by some of the softwares.
* Version 1.6
The au-length modifier was added. Registration symbol and bullet character were removed. This version is widely in use for over 3 years
* Version 1.7
Current version. To fix ikaram problem in certain browsers, glyph for ikaram is duplicated in a vacant position (slot #254). This version will be mostly backward compatible with version 1.6

Last modified on 24-Dec-2001

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