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TOOLS: Fonts, Keyboard Drivers and Converters 

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Freely downloadable fonts for testing and usage 

* Sri-TSC

Sri-TSC was developed by Dr.K.Srinivasan of Canada. This font face is similar to Adhawin font.
* MylaiTSC (Fixed Width)
Alternate locations you can download this font: (for PCs), (for Mac), (for Unix)
MylaiTSC was developed by Dr. K. Kalyanasundaram of Switzerland. This font face is similar to Mylai font. He maintains a TSCII tools page too.
* MadhuramTSC
MaduramTSC was developed by Mr. Vasu Devan of Kamban Software , Australia. This font (for Windows, Mac, and Unix) is similar to Madhuram font.
* AparanarTSC
Alternate locations you can download this font: (for PCs), (for Mac)
AparanarTSC was developed by Mr. Kalaimani of Tharagai Software, Singapore   This font face (for Windows and Mac) is similar to Apara font.
* Tamil_Avarangal31TSC
This font, developed by Mr. Sinnathurai Srivas of United Kingdom, is recommended for children learning Tamil alphabet, scholars engaged in Tamil research, and for day to day use at home and office.
* ThunaivanTSC
ThunaivanTSC, developed by Mr. Ravindran Paul, Malaysia is based on Thunaivan font face widely popular in Malaysia and Singapore. He is currently in the process of adding features to Thunaivan which will allow Thunaivan users to use TSCII fonts. He will also make available some font translation utilities in the near future. Thunaivan users who wish to type in the TSCII format will have to get the updated keyboard drivers from Mr. Ravindran Paul.
* TneriTSC
TneriTSC was developed by Mr.Arivan of Tamil Neri Kazhagam, Malaysia. The Tamil Neri Kazhagam is the the first TSCII based website on the net. Visit them at http://www.geocities.com/Athens/1594/ 
* InaimathiTSC & ArulmathiTSC(Fixed Width)
InaimathiTSC (proportional) and ArulmathiTSC (fixed width), developed by Mr.Muthu Nedumaran of Murasu Systems, Malaysia, comes with the integrated tool Murasu Anjal 2.0, which also contains an integrated editor, keyboard drivers, convertion tools. Download it from Murasu Systems.
* TSCII Font Collection for Unix
Nagarajan Chinnasamy converted some of the TSCII fonts above to Unix compatible BDF and PCF formats. Currently the following fonts are in this collection: 
  1. MylaiTSC - Normal and Italic Styles 
  2. SriTSC - Normal and Italic Styles 
  3. TamilAvarangalTSC - Normal and Italic Styles 
  4. tscakaram - Normal, Bold, Italic, Bold-Italic Styles 
* NanthiniTSC (Nov 19, 1999)
NanthiniTSC was developed by Senthur Banu.
* TimesTSC & ComicTSC (Nov 19, 1999)
These two fonts are developed by people at Thinnai webzine. As the names of these fonts imply, they have a look similar to the famous Times Roman and Comic Sans serif fonts, even in the Tamil range. Check them out!
* Linux console font (Jul 2, 2000) New
This is a Linux console font for TSCII. Some characters look crippled since the font tries to fit all Tamil characters in a 8x16 character cell, but it is mostly legible. Send your comments regarding this font to its author Sivaraj.


Keyboard Drivers

The KeyMan program developed by Tavultesoft and distributed by SIL, a freely downloadable program, has been configured to use the above fonts. The KeyMan program is available for Windows and Mac computers. Mac users, please download the configuration files and install them in the SILKEY program directory. 


Keyman program for Windows - This self extracting installation file was created by Dr. Kumar Mallikarjunan. The keymaps were created by Dr. Kumar Mallikarjunan and Mr. D. Sivaraj. Windows users who have downloaded KEYMAN please use custom setup option for keyman files and fonts.
Keymap configuration files that can be used with KEYMAN program. For additional information please view the GIF images for the associated keyboard style:  Anjal style, Mylai Style, Tamil Typewriter Style, Phonetic Style and INSCRIPT Style.
Tamil input in LINUX KDEThis is part of the K Desktop Environment (KDE) Translation project for Tamil. For more information contact Thuraiappah Vaseeharan



* Akaram Tamil Editor   (Jan 14, 1999)

Chinnasamy Nagarajan (Nagu) has developed a Tamil Text Editor that is freely downloadable. 

This version of "Akaram Tamil Editor" (0.6) supports: 

  • Anjal Transliteration Keyboard
  • Tamil Nadu Phonetic Keyboard
  • Tamil Nadu Typewriter Keyboard 
  • Mylai Keyboard 
This editor ONLY supports TSCII fonts/encoding. It is currentlty bundled with MylaiTSC, TSCakaram, Tamil_Avarangal_TSC, Sri-TSC. The editor is written in Tcl/Tk 8.0. So before using this, you need to install Tcl/Tk which is available FREE from: http://www.scriptics.com. This should work in: MS Windows, UNIX and Mac Operating Systems. This editor is a FREEWARE. Source Code is distributed with the package. You may do whatever you want with it. If you want to join in the development of this editor please contact Chinnasamy Nagarajan (Nagu)

Please report the bugs or problems to tscii@coollist.com if you are a member of that list.  Otherwise report them directly to Nagu 

Click here to download Akaram Tamil Editor (121KB) 

* Suvadi 0.9

Elango Sampandam has developed a freeware Text Editor for Windows 95/98/NT systems.   If you are a Windows user and want a simple and robust text editor, this is the way to go. Suvadi supports Typewriter and Anjal style keyboards, and can save files in Rich Text Format (RTF) or plain text. It can also open multiple files. If you are a WordPad user, you may want to switch over to Suvadi instead. Visit Elango's Homepage.


* Murasu Anjal 2.0
The Murasu Font Converter developed by Muthu Nedumaran can be used to convert text from various fonts to TSCII standard.  This program works as a plugin in the free Murasu Anjal 2.0. In addition, this could work as a stand-alone program without the requirement of Murasu Anjal running in the background. 

* MURASUFC.EXE, The font converter program for Windows 95. 

* FCMATRIX.ZIP The matrix files needed to convert with Murasu Font Converter.  The matrix files were generated by Mr. D. Sivaraj and Dr. Kumar Mallikarjunan. This set includes a matrix file for TSCII-Tamil. As the old file installed with MurasuFC.exe conforms to TSCII 1.5, please reinstall (or overwrite) that file with the new file in this set.

* Webpage Convertor
The online Webpage Converter developed by Sivaraj, can be used to convert web pages from various Anjal fonts to TSCII standard. This program works as a CGI perl script 

* Anjal to TSCII
Prefix any Anjal URL with: "http://www.tamil.net/cgi-bin/anj2tsc?"
Voila! You got the page in TSCII.

For example: Read Kalaignar's Kuraloviam on Tamil.Net

* Mylai to TSCII
Prefix any Mylai URL with: "http://www.tamil.net/cgi-bin/myl2tsc?" for converting it from Mylai to TSCII.

For example: Read New Zealand Muthamiz Mandram page

You can download it and customize to suit your needs. File convertors for converting multiple files in one step are also available.
* ToTscii (Nov 19, 1999) New
ToTscii is a software for converting transliterated Tamil text to TSCII. It is written in Java, and therefore runs in all platforms that supports Java. It has a command line utility and a Java API that can be used to convert transliterated tamil text to TSCII. The free limited version is available for download from the website. A fully functional software is also available for registered users from the website.
* TSCII Converter v (July 12, 2000) New
TSCCONVERTER is a Windows based utility that allows you to convert text files that were created in the following fonts to TSCII encoding: Amutham, Baamini, Divya, Elango, Inaimathi, Kalki, Mylai, TBoomi, Shree802, TMNews, and Marx. Several other fonts that are based on Tamil typewriter keyboard may also work. This is software under development. So, when you find a bug, please write to the author Mani M. Manivannan.

Other Tools

Many other tools including integrated Tamil computing solutions and customized Email softwares are available on TSCII. 

* TMAIL 1.0

TMAIL is a customized Email software from Vasudevan of Kamban Software, Australia. It includes a built-in keyboard for point & click typing. The keyboard design is based on Tamilnadu Government Keyboard Standardization committee's Phonetic keyboard. This is a great tool for those who want to learn this keyboard. The software can display all the menu options and Help files in Tamil too!

* Murasu Anjal 2.0

Murasu Anjal is an integrated keyboard driver, convertor, editor and conversion matrix editor from Muthu Nedumaran of Murasu Systems, Malaysia. See elsewhere on this page for more information. Also available in CD-ROM.
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