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International Symposium for Tamil information processing and resources on the Internet

17 -18 May 1997
Computer Centre
National University of Singapore


International Symposium for Tamil information processing

7 February 1999

See www.tamilnet99.org


International Conference on Tamil Information Processing and Resources on the Internet

22-24 July 2000

Tamilnet conferences are annual forums for all those interested in "Tamil Information Processing and Resources on the Internet". The first one in this series, Tamilnet97 organized by National Univ. of Singapore was held in Singapore during 17-18 May 1997. The second one, Taminet99, organized by IT Task Force of the Tamilnadu Govt, was held in Chennai during 7-8 Feb. 1999.

Tamil Inaiyam 2000, the Third International Conference on Tamil Internet (which was to be held in Colombo on March 13th and 14th) is now scheduled to be held in Singapore from 22 to 24 JULY 2000. The website http://www.tamilinaiyam2000.org will serve as the official website for the conference. Please visit this website regularly to learn more details on the conference, online registration etc.

The conference is being organized by the Tamil Internet Steering Committee (TISC) of Singapore (with Mr. R. Ravindran, Member of Parliament, Singapore and Mr. Arun Mahizhnan, Dy. Director, Inst. of Policy Studies, Singapore as Co-Chairs) in close collaboration with the IT Task Force of Tamilnadu Govt (with Prof. M. Anandakrishnan as the Head) and Official Languages Commission of Sri Lanka (Dr.Sivathasan, Director). I have agreed to the request of these folks to serve as a Co-Chair (with Dr. Desai Narasimhalu ofSingapore) for the Technical Programme Sub-committee.

Following is a short line of various topics that will be taken up for discussion and further action at this TI2000 conference.

Area I - Language & Education

  • A standard reference source for computer-related terms (a Glossary) in Tamil for use in softwares and on Internet
  • Online Dictionaries /Lexicon/Thesauras ?
  • Computer-aided Teaching of Tamil in classrooms & online ( materials, tools, databases, delivery mode)
  • Tamil Virtual University & A network of online and virtual campuses for Tamil across the globe
  • Digital Archives of Tamil Literary works, doctoral dissertations, ... (data storage formats, international catalog, copyright issues, collaboration amongst existing and planned initiatives)

Area II: Technology (Tamil usage at Personal level and on Internet)

  • Multimedia Tools: OCR, voice recognition, speech synthesis, natural language processing,....
  • Tamil Search Engines
  • Interface tools/APIs for information flow across platforms and across different encodings
  • Information processing and exchange on mobile computer platforms
  • Java based tools for online Spell checker, dictionary,...
  • (interactive usage of Tamil online/on Internet)
  • Softwares for automated translation of Tamil texts to other languages and vice versa

Area III: Technical Standards and Agreements

  • Character and Glyph encoding standards (>50 -> 2 or 3 -> Unicode ?)
  • Unicode Tamil Segment - pros and cons for possible revision
  • A Standard for Transliterated (& transcription mode) of romanized Tamil
  • Tamil Script refrom (ukara & Ukara varisai)
  • Transcription of foreign sounds in Tamil script (incl. alternates to granthas) -- Domain Name registration in Tamil

Area IV: Ecommerce

  • Information processing of larger Databases in Tamil (include Interface tools/APIs for input querries and output in different encodings (& languages?)
  • dedicated software for Tamil businesses (billing, finance management, warehousing, dispatch, order tracking,..)
  • industry trends

Area V: Organization

  • National and regional Steering Groups devoted to Tamil Computing
  • Launch of An International Forum for Info. Technology in Tamil (INFITT)
  • Tamilnet conferences - suggestions on content, calender, venue, ....

A strong appeal is being made here to all those interested in the above topics to participate at the forthcoming TI2000 conference. It will be an excellent opportunity for direct input in the form of paper or poster presentations, participations in the technical discussions and learn (& have hands on Demos) on the growing number of softwares for Tamil computing etc.

In view of the changed venue and the date, the DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION OF CONTRIBUTIONS (paper presentations orally and/or posters) IS BEING EXTENDED TO 15 May 2000.

Those interested may choose a "topic" and present their views on the current status and offer suggestions for further course of action relating to the chosen topic. You can send in your intentions (with details) to participate in the Technical discussions to me via email kalyan@softhome.net (in case of problems to kalyan@dcsun1.epfl.ch) from now on with a copy to arun_mahizhnan@ips.org.sg and ananda@eth.net. Details on the list of speakers at various sessions and on poster presentations will be announced in the second half of May 2000.

Please distribute the above information widely and post to Tamil mailing lists that you subscribe to.

K. Kalyanasundaram Lausanne, Switzerland


International Conference and Expo

26-28 August 2001
Putra World Trade Center
Kuala Lumpur


Fifth Tamil Internet International Conference and Exhibition

27-29 September 2002
Crown Plaza Hotel
Foster City, California, USA
(San Francisco Bay Area)

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